Mining Department

Instituto Superior Técnico

Technical University of Lisbon





CERENA - Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente
Instituto Superior Técnico
Avenida Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel + 351 - 21 841 72 47
Fax +351 - 21 841 74 42






Research areas

Main research areas

Spatial Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Environmental Modelling, Natural Resources Exploitation Planning





R&D projects

<   BIODIV - Biodiversity and Biomonitoring of Epiphytic Vegetation onto Sea Region from Alentejo (PRAXIS/2/2.I/BIA/364/94)

<   PARDAIS - Characterization and Evaluation of the Fracture Network of a Marble Mass (IAPMEI / IGM)

<   SIMFRA - Geostatistical and Fractal Simulation of Rock Mass Fracture Network (PRAXIS/P/ECM/14211/1998)

<   SIPERO - Integrated System for Ornamental Stones Exploitation Planning (AdI/L1419A)

<   LAVRO - Computer Aided Planning System for the Exploitation of Marble Quarries (PEDIP / CEVALOR)

<   MINEO - Assessing and Monitoring the Environmental Impact of Mining Activities in Europe using Advanced Earth Observations Techniques (IST-1999-10337)

<   GEOMIN - Geostatistical Environmental Risk Assessment of Abandoned Mines using Remote Sensing and Biomonitors (POCTI/1999/ECM/34784)

<   HYPNUM 2000 - Atmospheric heavy metal deposition using Biomonitors in Portugal 2000 (POCTI/1999/ CTMA /35618)


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